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The uses for IoT in a commercial or industrial setting are many and as such, we can’t display any specific products. Each solution is made up of various technologies, so there aren’t any individual products we can put a price on.

One of the biggest challenges in any business today is creating efficiencies, to reduce costs and deliver ROI. Competition in every sector is stiff, whether, in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, retail, or any of the services industries, businesses of all kinds must be super-efficient, if they want to survive.

Over the last few decades, certainly since the introduction of computer hardware, networking and the internet, businesses across the globe have been using technology to create these efficiencies.

The next wave of digital transformation, which is being hailed as ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’, the ‘Internet of Things’ is transforming businesses operations, using an aggregation of existing technologies to measure, track, record and analyse data like never before, leading to cost savings and efficiencies.

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So, what is the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT)?

In its simplest form it means ‘the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data’ - ‘everything’s connected’.

For example, in a domestic setting, the use of IoT technology such as smart thermostats or smart lighting can save a homeowner money on their utility bills, which can equate to hundreds of pounds over an annual period. However, on a commercial/industrial scale, these savings could be many thousands, if not millions of pounds, which for a business can mean the difference between being in business and not.

This is just one example, and the applications for commercial use are wide and varied, from tracking the movement of herds in an agricultural setting, or fuel saving efficiencies in transportation, to asset tracking in the supply chain and just about everything in between, wherever a business is feeling a pain point or the need to create efficiencies, then a discussion around Commercial IoT can be had, to evaluate ways of improving the problem using technology.

As mentioned previously these are not new technologies, they have been around for some years, but the way they are being used is, it’s about understanding and making educated decisions based on the data captured and using those decisions to improve business processes and deliver ROI.

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